Board Meeting Minutes – Oct. 15, 2010

Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail Association – Board of Directors Meeting

October 15, 2010, Cove Ridge Center

Present: Mary Erwin, Dale Taylor, Bob McConnell, Dr Larry Fleenor, Joe Fuller, Lisa McConnell, Joy Nihil, Sally Kelly,Joan Short, Jean Brown, Barbara Reed, Craig Seaver

The meeting was called to order at 12:10 by President Joy Nihil. Joy thanked Craig Seaver of the Park and Jean Brown and Barbara Reed of the Furnishings Committee for their presence.

Secretary Sally Kelly asked if there were any additions or corrections to the minutes of the August BOD meeting as posted on the web site. There were no corrections or additions. Mary Erwin made a motion to acceptthe minutes as posted, it was seconded by Dr Larry Fleenor and approved.

Treasurer Joe Fuller presented a report covering the period August 16 – October 15, 2010. He reported a beginning balance in operations of $9,448.80, income for the period of $704.48, and expenses of $422.26. The total amount in all accounts and cash on hand is $32,306.07. The complete detailed treasurer’s report is available in the minute book. The Treasurer’s report was acceptedon a motion by Mary Erwin and a second by Dale Taylor. The expenses for the period were approved on a motion by Sally Kelly and a second by Lisa McConnell. Treasurer Fuller then presented bills just received in the amount of $418.56. He made a motion to approve these further expenses, the motion was seconded by Mary Erwin and approved. A motion was made by Bob McConnell and approved to close the Gift Shop/Credit card account and transfer those funds to the operations account.

Committee reports for the period were distributed by President Nihil. She pointed out that the Furnishings Committee is asking the Board: 1) for direction on how the Blockhouse is to be used to help determine the appropriateness of existing implements and furnishings and guide them in future acquisitions; and 2) to identify the role and function of this committee going forward. President Nihil summarized the Committee’s past role and spoke of how the use of the Blockhouse has evolved over time since the committee was formed seven years ago. Committee member Kay Addington asked specifically for the Board to say if the Blockhouse is to be for viewing or as a working classroom. Committee member Barbara Reed also reviewed the past actions of the Committee and how it has made decisions regarding acquisitions. Committee member Jean Brown shared information regarding activities at the Blockhouse that may not be within the guidelines established by the Park and the Association for its use. Craig Seaver shared a document from 2006 that established some guidelines. He spoke of the very good work of the Furnishings Committee in acquiring furniture and the hard decisions that must be made concerning the Blockhouse’s use. He made the point that at one end of the spectrum of possibilities, the Blockhouse could be viewed only through the locked gate ;and at the other end, we could allow the public to have complete interaction with all objects there. Dr Fleenor made a motion that the purpose of the Blockhouse be defined as a hands-on living history teaching facility, that visitors be adequately supervised, and that the Furnishings Committee make decisions regarding what items fit that purpose and which should be removed. The motion was seconded by Joan Short. There followed some discussion regarding supervision of visitors and appropriateness of furnishing items. The motion was voted on and approved. The Furnishings Committee asked for some further guidance regarding how the Blockhouse will be used. Craig suggested that use guidelines be developed to guide interpreters and re-enactors. Jean Brown also asked that more members who are active as interpreters be appointed to the Furnishings Committee. Craig stated that we may look forward to having another secure building by next Spring or that the Blacksmith facility may accomodate items that are too big for the Blockhouse. All interpreters will be encouraged to make more use of the surrounding area to relieve some of the demand on the space inside the Blockhouse. A question was raised as to whether this issue should be brought before the Association. It was emphasized that the new role of the BOD for taking on the business of the Association requires only a report of its actions at Association meetings. Only expenditures over $500 need be acted upon by the Association as a whole. The other committee reports are attached below.

Old Business

President Nihil informed the BOD of updates to the web site. Only committee information still needs attention. No one has volunteered to take on the direction of the geocaching project, so that will be tabled. The Hobbs family has been informed that the Association will not be able at this time to accept their offer of the donation of a cabin.

New Business

President Nihil had hoped to ask for a review of the Association’s mission and its needs and wants over the next 2 – 3 years to examine the efficacy of having our work done by committees. In the interest of time these items are tabled until the next meeting.

A motion to adjourn was made by Joe Fuller, seconded by Bob McConnell, and approved. The meeting was adjourned at 1:40 PM

Respectfully submitted, Sally Kelly, Secretary