Board Meeting Minutes – Apri 20, 2012

Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

April 20, 2012

The meeting of the Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail Association was held at the Cove Ridge Center on April 20, 2012 at 12 pm.  Present at the meeting were Jim Addington, Gretchen Cope, Robert Chapman, Larry Fleenor, Erwin Forrest, Megan France, Joe Fuller, Sally Kelly, Bob McConnell, Joy Nihil, Craig Seaver, Joan Short, John Stafford, James Stallard, and Dale Taylor.



Craig Seaver introduced new park manager Robert Chapman.


Approval of Minutes:

Bob McConnell moved that the minutes from the February 17th meeting be approved as written.  Joy Nihil seconded the motion and it was approved unanimously.


Treasurer’s Report:

Joe Fuller delivered the Treasurer’s Report.  A full copy of the report is filed in the Secretary’s archive.


Larry Fleenor moved that the financials be approved as reported.  Erwin Forrest seconded the motion and it was approved unanimously.


Opening of Blockhouse Season:


Dale Taylor reported that May 5th was the first day that the Blockhouse would be open and that October 28th was the last.  He added that there were 55 days that the Blockhouse would be open and that 11 of those days still needed volunteers.  Mr. Taylor also stated that he would email the schedule out to the Association members periodically so that they may volunteer or change the schedule if necessary.


It was decided that it would be left up to each volunteer as to whether or not they wanted to stay from 2 to 5.  Megan France stated that she would add the scheduled hours and dates of operation of the Blockhouse to the events schedule.


Mid-week Openings

Joan Short announced that Anne Sturgillis interested in volunteering to staff the Blockhouse for a couple days during the week.


Park Report

New Walkway to Blockhouse

Megan France reported that Alternative Spring Break Students installed landscaping pavers in place of the concrete sidewalk at the Blockhouse.  Most of the pavers had been installed, however a few still needed to be put in place.


Wilderness Trail Institute

Plans for Summer Institute

Megan announced that at that time there was one individual from Giles County interested in participating in the Wilderness Trail Institute.  She also stated that she would be working hard to get more involvement.



Overview of Plans

Megan stated that she had met with Pam Eddy and Jean Hood and that they had done a lot of work toward the meal plan. Pam and Jean along with Pam’s Good Wives Group would be feeding the entire camp this year.  Joan also added that the park was doing the concessions.


Dale Taylor announced that he could arrange for 6 or 7 packs of ½ liter bottles of water to be donated for concession.


Jim Stallard announced that he had contacted the Watauga Valley Fife and Drum and that they would be back to perform at this year’s Siege.


Blacksmith Shop/Josh Wilson Recognition

Joan announced that the recognition would probably take place on the morning of Saturday, May 26 but that the Event’s Committee would make a definite decision during their meeting on April 23.


Dale Taylor suggested that Gary Williams be recognized for donating the logs.


Auction Items

Joan announced that there would be an Auction and that period-appropriate items were needed.



Joan stated that she was planning to send letters to the members asking them to check on any sponsorships that might be available to help with the Siege in any way.


Old Business:

There was no old Business.


New Business:

Website Update

Joan announced that the website was slowly improving, but that there were still several issues that needed to be corrected.



Jim Stallard announced that a Genealogy Jamboree was to take place on June 7-9 in Cumberland Gap.


Joan stated that there was interest from the Scott County Historical Society to have a Genealogy Workshop during the Siege.


She also announced that there were 77 acres of land for sale in the KaneGap area for $80,000.  Bob McConnell and Larry Fleenor explained the significance of this land and the surrounding land and the idea of preserving it.


Joe Fuller announced that letters had been received both from Netherland Inn and Hal Spoden’s son in regards to the donation that was given to Netherland Inn in honor of Hal Spoden.  Both letters are filed in the Secretary’s archive.



Bob McConnell made the motion to adjourn. Sally Kelly seconded that motion and it was approved unanimously.