Association Meeting Minutes – May 18, 2018

Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail Association

Meeting Minutes

May 18, 2018

Present:  Joe Fuller, Larry Fleenor, Joy and John Mullen, Margaret Crouch, Robert Chapman, Randy and Peggy Rauch, Bob McConnell, Nancy Childers, Gretchen Cope, Joan Short, Grace Bradshaw.

Welcome and Call to Order:  At 12:15 p.m., Joan welcomed the group.

Approval of Minutes:  John Mullen moved and Randy Rauch seconded that the minutes be approved as amended (correcting the spelling of Nancy Childer’s name).  The motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report:  Gretchen went over the Treasurer’s Report.  Margaret Crouch moved and Bob McConnell seconded that the Treasurer’s Report be approved.  The motion carried.

President’s Report:  Joan reported that the Frontier Muster went very well.  The events team members have discussed possible improvements for next year.  One suggestion was to have a clothing chest where family members could find items of apparel from the Frontier Era and have their pictures made.  Joan is also hopeful that a friend (Kirstie) may come demonstrate cows that have been raised to the yoke.  She said the Sunday service was wonderful, especially the memorial recognition of Wanda McConnell and Michael Rhoten with the planting of rose bushes for Wanda and the wreath for Michael.  With the generous donation of Michael’s clothing, books, and accoutrements, as well as other generous donations of items, the auction raised $1916.00.  Parking raised $124, so the total benefit to the Events Fund was $2040.  The only bad thing to happen was that Lisa Bennett slipped and fell into the open cook-fire and burned her arm.  She is recovering.

Joan said the Events Committee would like some more help as they ponder the Muster for next year.  She and Gretchen will demonstrate the flax process at Sycamore Shoals this weekend.

Natural Tunnel Park Report:  Robert Chapman thanked DBWTA for a successful event with the Muster.  He said the park has hired most of the staff for the summer and that two orientation sessions have been held.  The pool is set to open tomorrow.  Cabin and camping revenues are up for the year.

Robert, Gretchen, and Rachel have been working on a grant with the Rotary Club to promote literacy for youth who come to programs in the park.  The park will purchase literature to go along with the youth experience, covering such topics as flora and fauna, kayaking, and frontier history.  These materials will be geared toward elementary school children.  Students who participate in the Across Virginia program will receive Kindle tablets that they can keep.  The park will hear by July if the grants have been approved.


Other events in the park include “Picking in the Park” starting next Sunday and continuing through the summer on the last Sunday of the month.

Mountains of Music Homecoming will be held June 15 with the Lonesome River Band headlining and craft beer and barbecue on sale for patrons of the event.

Railroad Day will be July 21.

Lighting the Tunnel will occur on the last Saturday of each month.

Joan thanked Robert and the rest of the staff for their support during the Muster event.

Interpretive Center Report:  Bob McConnell reported that one part of the grant from the Rotary Club will be interpretive materials for the Visitor Center.  He said the main structure is complete, though landscaping continues.  An overlook will be built to be used as an outdoor classroom.  Exhibits are nearing completion, though some of them will require some structural changes inside the building in order for them to be completed.  Fabricators of the exhibits say they can be finished by August.  Since the exhibits need to be in place before opening, the date for the opening has been delayed until August or September.  Two mannequins will be added to one of the exhibits, a man and a woman, and will be dressed in period-correct apparel.

Joan expressed her appreciation for Bob’s faithfulness in dealing with all the changes.  She noted that she and Gretchen had procured a number of items of apparel at the Wilderness Road “Siege of Martin’s Station” from the vendors there.  They had an authentic 18th century powder keg, a basket, copper ware, and items of clothing on display.  They also found a wide hackle which will be handy for flax demonstrations.  Randy Rausch is making a powder horn and a shooting bag for the exhibits at the Interpretive Center.

Shirts:  Joan showed the group shirts (polo or denim) which can be embroidered with the DBWTA logo and the label “Interpreter”.  The polo shirts are $20.00 at Impressions.  The denim shirts are $25.00.  Peggy Rausch noted that she still has all the equipment to do embroidery.

Old Business:  None

New Business:  Larry Fleenor has worked with the town of Damascus on Boone related material as well as with Pike County, Kentucky.

Joan has been contacted by John Fox about developing a driving brochure going from Cumberland Gap to Boonesborough, Kentucky.  Bob McConnell noted that one exhibit at the Interpretive Center will be a large map and it covers all the places people went after crossing into Kentucky.

There being no further business, Bob moved and Joy seconded that the meeting adjourn at 1:04 p.m.  The motion carried.


Respectfully submitted,


Grace C. Bradshaw