Association Meeting Minutes – July 20, 2018

Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail Association

Meeting Minutes

July 20, 2018



The meeting of the Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail Association was held at the Cove Ridge Center on July 20, 2018 at 12 pm.  Present at the meeting were Rachel Blevins, Scott Bowen, Robert Chapman, Nancy Childers, Gretchen Cope, Joe Fuller, Grant Hardin, Glenn Gannaway, Bob McConnell, John Mullen, Joy Mullen, Peggy Rauch, Randy Rauch, Craig Seaver, Kim Thompson, Keith Wilson.


In the absence of Joan Boyd Short, President of the DBWTA, Bob McConnell opened the meeting and welcomed all those in attendance.


Approval of Minutes:

Keith Wilson moved to approve the minutes from the May 18, 2018 meeting. John Mullen seconded the motion and it was approved unanimously.


Treasurer’s Report:

Gretchen Cope delivered the Treasurer’s report. A full copy of the report is filed in the Secretary’s archive.


Keith Wilson moved that the financials be approved as reported.  Randy Rauch seconded the motion and it was approved unanimously.


Gretchen explained that there was a fraudulent charge of $780 on the DBWTA credit card the previous month. She further explained that she called Eastman Credit Union immediately and they are investigating the matter. The $780 will be refunded to the credit account within the next few days and after the investigation is complete they will send a letter to the DBWTA with the findings. Another card was issued and the original was shredded and disposed of.


Park Report:

Robert Chapman reported that cabin and camping revenue were up significantly since last year. The annual Railroad Day event was to take place the next day and the governor was planning to attend.


Rachel Blevins reported that program numbers were up about 60% and that they were having a very busy summer overall.



Wilderness Road State Park:

Scott Bowen reported that the winter house was well under construction at the native camp. Once it is almost complete they will start on the summer house, which should move faster. Scott reported that their events had all been well attended and that attendance was strong.




Bob McConnell reported that they were currently looking at an open date toward the end of September or beginning of October. Although, that was subject to change depending on numerous factors.


Bob also showed the group a bag and powder horn, made by Randy Rauch, which would be on display at the Interpretive Center. Randy explained that the bag and horn were both styled after some that were commonly used in the area during the mid to late 18th century.


Introducing the Widow Skeggs:

Kim Thompson introduced herself and talked a little bit about the “Widow Skeggs”, whom she portrays when doing living history.


Old Business:

There was no old business.


New Business:

Bob reminded everyone that polo shirts and denim button-down shirts with the DBWTA logo were available for purchase and to let Joan or Gretchen know if they would like to make an order.



There were no announcements.



Joe Fuller made the motion to adjourn. Grant Hardin seconded that motion and it was approved unanimously.