Association Meeting Minutes – March 16, 2018

Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail Association

Meeting Minutes

March 16, 2018


A meeting of the Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail Association was held at the Cove Ridge Center at noon on March 16, 2018.  Present were Cory Gardner, Larry Fleenor, Glenn Gannaway, Joy and John Mullen, Jim Addington, Jim Stallard, Randy Rausch, Nancy Childress, Margaret Crouch, Bob McConnell, Gretchen Cope, Joan Short, and Grace Bradshaw.


Joan called for a moment of silence to honor Wanda McConnell and Michael Rhoten.


Nomination and Election of Officers:


The following officers for 2018 were nominated by Bob McConnell:


President – Joan Short

Vice-President –Dale Taylor

Treasurer—Gretchen Cope

Secretary—Grace Bradshaw

Official Historian—Dr. Larry Fleenor


There being no further nominations from the floor, Jim Addington moved and John Mullen seconded that the slate of nominees be approved by acclamation.  The motion carried.


The following members were nominated for the Board of Directors:


Jim Addington

Charlie Allen

Joe Brown

Joe Fuller

Jean Hood

Bob McConnell

John Mullen

Ron Short

James Stallard

Keith Wilson


There being no further nominations from the floor, Grace moved and Larry Fleenor seconded that the slate be approved by acclamation.  The motion carried.



The minutes of the November 17, 2017 meeting were approved as read.


Treasurer’s Report: 

Gretchen noted that she had received $600.00 in membership dues and that more had come in today.  The treasurer’s report (attached) was approved as presented.


Interpretive Center Report:

Bob reported that the Interpretive Center was nearing completion in its construction.  He also reported that they still did not have a contract for the building of the exhibits, but that they were nearing an agreement with Color-Ad, Inc. in Manassas, Virginia.  He believes an opening in July is a feasible expectation.


Park Report:  Robert Chapman reported that the OSU volunteers had built 9 picnic tables, a blind for a dumpster, and other additions.  He noted that the six girls on the team did quality work.  He said they are in the process of opening up the campgrounds and getting in gear to open the pool area.  Hiring for the summer season continues and some of those hired have begun training.


President’s Report:  Joan reported that weather-wise, DBWTA has had a tough year so far.  Old Christmas and the Fall Festival had to be cancelled due to inclement weather.  However, the cancellation of the Fall Festival may have worked out for the best since the crew of volunteers could concentrate on the filming of a short movie to introduce visitors at the new Interpretive Center to the Wilderness Trail experience.  Joan thanked all who gave time to help at the Block House and Carter Cabin.  She noted we still need more interpreters at the Block House and at Carter Cabin.  She is hopeful that an AmeriCorps volunteer may be assigned to our park and may be able to hold the Block House open for one additional day a week.  She also noted that we need to recruit more young members and volunteers.


Argentine Film Company’s film:  A rough cut of the film to be shown as an introduction to the Interpretive Center was viewed by the group.  Joan noted that the cold, gloomy weather set a perfect mood for the hardships of going over the trail to Cumberland Gap.


Tom Anderson, a descendant of John Anderson, builder of the Block House at the start of the Wilderness Trail, requested a book about the Block House from Gretchen.  In return he sent copies of watercolor paintings and news articles about the fire that destroyed the original Block House.  Also included were pictures of Maj. Isaac Anderson (son of John Anderson) and his wife Martha Rhea.  Gretchen shared these items with the group.


Frontier Muster and Trade Faire, April 27-29, 2018:  Joan noted that we need a good auction this year as the money earned will be for our events account.  She encouraged members to look for items to donate to the auction.  Randy Rausch passed around a beautiful knife he has made for the auction.  Peggy Rausch is loaning a set of canvas flags which will be used to number each event area.  The events committee will meet Thursday, March 22nd at 7 p.m. at the Cove Ridge Center to discuss in more detail the planning of the muster and trade faire.  Jim Stallard noted that the Sons of the American Revolution will have a Patriots and Pathfinders program, but that he has not yet heard whether the Watauga Fife and Drum Corps will be on hand.  Bob McConnell told the group that articles of clothing, books, rifles and accoutrements from the estate of Michael Rhoten habe been given to DBWTA and to the Watauga group.  Some will be preserved for the Interpretive Center, some have been sent to Watauga.  Some will be auctioned at the Trade Faire.


Jim Stallard also noted that a former member, Joe Culbertson passed away last week.  Joe was the one who made the broad axe on display at the Block House Visitor Center.


Joan noted that Chad will lead the Sunday morning worship service and will provide time to honor and memorialize friends of DBWTA who have passed away.


There being no new or old business to attend, the meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,


Grace C. Bradshaw, Secretary