Association Meeting Minutes – May 17, 2019

Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail Association
Meeting Minutes
May 17, 2019

The meeting of the Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail Association was held at the Cove Ridge Center on May 17, 2019 at 12 pm. Members present: Rachel Blevins, Scott Bowen, Nancy Childers, Gretchen Cope, Larry Fleenor, Joe Fuller, Eunice Laster, Mary Ruth Laster, Bob McConnell, Peggy Rauch, Randy Rauch, Ishmael Richardson, Joan Boyd Short, Ron Short, Lindsey Strohofer, Dale Taylor, Ruble Taylor, and Kim Thompson
Call to order and recognition of visitors: Joan Short, President

Approval of Minutes:
The minutes from the March meeting were distributed and read. Bob McConnell moved to approve the minutes from March 15, 2019 meeting. Ron Short seconded the motion. It was approved unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report:
Gretchen Cope delivered the Treasurer’s report. A full copy of that report is filed in the Secretary’s archive.

President’s Report:
Joan Boyd Short recognized Joe Fuller as Director Emeritus and Larry Fleenor, who was recognized as an outstanding Senior Volunteer for the State Parks. She also thanked everyone who participated in the 2019 Frontier Muster and made the event a success. Joan also discussed the planning of the 2025 anniversary coming in 6 years and the formation of different groups, especially one named “Rebecca Boone’s Ladies”. The excitement of partnerships is building within all the parks in preparation for the anniversary.

Park Report:
• Ishmael Richardson reported on the park. He discussed how the state budget crunch was affecting the park. Also, the pool opens this coming weekend along with the chairlift and rest of the park.
• The Blockhouse VC will also be opened on Memorial Day Weekend and staffed from 10a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekends through the season.
• Scott Bowen reported on the happenings at Wilderness Road State Park and the celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Raid next year.

Old Business:
Joan Boyd Short brought up the discussion for purchasing a Marquee tent at Blockhouse. The quote was for $1839.60 from Tent Smiths Everything that is needed for this tent is included in this quote. Discussion ensued about how to pay for the tent. Ron Short made the motion to buy the tent. Bob McConnell seconded the motion. After further discussion, Ron amended his motion to say that once the price was checked by Randy Rauch with another tent company, then the best and least expensive deal would be used to purchase the tent. Bob concurred for a second. Motion passed.
Other items that need to be purchased for the Blockhouse include one spider skillet, wash basins, and a few new 10×10 canopies.
Ron Short mentioned that we can all support the park by coming out to the Pickin’ in the Park series starting next week.
Dale Taylor asked for volunteer positions at the Blockhouse on Saturday and Sunday this summer. He will be sending out an email notice to members.

New Business:
Bob McConnell told the members that Jim Mallory arranged for the DBWTIC to receive a first edition of a two-volume set of all the letters of Lewis and Clark for the library.
Mary Laster talked about the letter received from the Town of Pennington issuing a permit dumping of Class B Biosolids. After discussion, it was decided that a letter from the DBWTA protesting dumping of Biosolids on the adjoining property to the property on Kane Gap should be sent. Nancy Childers suggested making a FOIA request for information regarding the situation. Joan will be attending the informational meeting on May 21, 2019. Larry Fleenor made a motion to send a letter to any state departments that might have concerns/control over the spreading of biosolids near a public access area. Mary Laster seconded the motion. Motion passed. Joan Short suggested we talk to the DEQ before she composes and sends such a letter.

Bob McConnell made the motion to adjourn the meeting. Ron Short seconded the motion.
The meeting was adjourned.