Association Meeting Minutes – March 15, 2019

Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail Association

Meeting Minutes

March 15, 2019


Members Present: Nancy Childers, Margaret Crouch, Joe Fuller, Glenn Gannaway,  Eunice Laster, Mary Ruth Laster, Bob McConnell, John Mullen, Joy Mullen, Randy Rauch, Bennie Reed, Barbara Reed, Ishmael Richardson, Joan Short, James Stallard, and Kim Thompson.


Call to order and recognition of visitors: Joan Short, President


Nominating Committee Report: Bob McConnell nominating the following for 2019 officers-


President – Joan Short

Vice-President –Dale Taylor

Treasurer—Gretchen Cope

Secretary—Lindsey Strohofer

Official Historian—Dr. Larry Fleenor


The following members were nominated for the Board of Directors:


Jim Addington

Charlie Allen

Joe Brown

Joe Fuller – changed to Director Emeritus

Jean Hood

Bob McConnell

John Mullen

Ron Short

James Stallard

Keith Wilson

Mary Ruth Laster


There being no further nominations from the floor, Margaret Crouch moved and Randy Rauch seconded that the slate of nominees be approved by acclamation.  The motion carried.


The minutes from the January meeting were distributed and read. Bob McConnell moved (Margaret Crouch, second) that the minutes be approved as presented. Motion passed.


Joe Fuller presented the Treasurer’s Report on behalf of Gretchen Cope. John Mullen moved (Bob McConnell, second) that the Treasurer’s Report be accepted as presented. Motion passed.


President’s Report: Joan Short reported that the Association’s events for 2018 all went very well. She also informed the Association that the events committee had been making plans for the 2019 Muster. They hoped to include more hands on activities such as candle-making as well as have bread, cookies, and maybe other items available for visitors to purchase. Joan explained that although the DBWTA cannot sell or allow the public to try foods prepared at the Blockhouse site that it would be fine if it was prepared at the Cove Ridge Center under supervision of someone with a ServSafe Certification. Joan also reported that the opening of the Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail Interpretive Center was a huge accomplishment for those who have been working on the project for many years.


Ishmael Richardson reported that there was a leak around the chimney in the Blockhouse roof. He asked the Association to provide up to $400 to rent a lift to assess the damage. Randy Rauch moved (Joy Mullen, second) to provide the necessary funds to rent a lift. Ishmael also asked the DBWTA if they would provide up to $350 to cover half the meal for the upcoming District 6 Friends Group Workshop. The event was to be held at the Cove Ridge Center and the Cove Ridge Foundation had agreed to pay for the other half. Joy Mullen moved (Margaret Crouch, second) to provide the requested funds.


Joan asked that everyone who had ordered DBWTA shirts or wanted to order DBWTA shirts to touch base with her after the meeting so she could make an order.


New Business: Joan shared that the Grand Opening ceremony for the Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail Interpretive Center would be on April 26 at 11 a.m. She also informed the Association that Gretchen Cope and Rachel Blevins were recently certified as Historic Weapons Site Safety Officers. Bob McConnell added that when Gretchen and Rachel were taking the training at Wilderness Road State Park Billy Heck stressed to them the need for a designated location for weapons inspections. Billy recommended a Marquee tent which Bob expected to cost around $800. Bob moved to provide up to $800 (Bennie, second) for the purchase of a Marquee Tent.


Bob McConnell moved (Joe Fuller, second) that the meeting be adjourned.