Association Meeting Minutes – March 18, 2016

Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail Association

Annual Meeting Minutes

Friday, March 18, 2016


The meeting of the Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail Association was held at the Cove Ridge Center on Friday, March 18 at 12 pm.  Present at the meeting were Joe Brown, Robert Chapman, Gretchen Cope, Margaret Crouch, Larry Fleenor, Jean Hood, Bob McConnell, Wanda McConnell, John Mullen, Joy Mullen, Barbara Reed, Benny Reed, Joan Short, Ron Short, James Stallard, Dale Taylor, and Ruble Taylor.


Report from Nominating Committee and Election of Officers:

Bob McConnell announced the nominated officers and directors for 2015 as follows:

President – Joan Short
Vice-President – Dale Taylor
Secretary – Gretchen Cope
Treasurer – Joe Fuller
Historian – Larry Fleenor

Directors – Jim Addington, Charlie Allen, Joe Brown, Erwin Forrest, Jean Hood, John Mullen, Ron Short, Jim Stallard, Bob McConnell (Director Emeritus), and John Stafford (Director Emeritus), Keith Wilson (Director Emeritus)

There were no nominations from the floor and Barbara Reed moved that the nominations be accepted by acclimation. Jean Hood seconded the motion and it was approved unanimously.

Approval of Minutes from January meeting:

Bob moved that the minutes be approved as written. Jean seconded the motion and it was approved unanimously.


Treasurer’s Summary Report:

Joan announced that Joe Fuller was unable to attend the meeting due to a conference he was attending out of town. Joe sent word that he would report on that statement at the next meeting


Blockhouse Report:

Megan reported that there was an increase of almost 400 in Blockhouse attendance for 2015.


Reports from Partners along the Trail:

Sycamore Shoals:

In the absence of a representative from Sycamore Shoals State Park, Joan reported that their Spring event would be the third weekend in May and that she and a few other members of the DBWTA would be helping out with that event.


Southwest Virginia Museum:

Aaron Davis was not able to attend but Ron Short reported that the plans for Gathering in the Gap were moving right along and that the date was set for May 28.


Wilderness Road:

In the absence of a representative from Wilderness Road State Park, Joan reported that Wilderness Road was planning to help out with the April 10 event at Cumberland Gap National Park. She added that they were also making preparations for the Raid at Martin’s Station which was scheduled for May 14.


Report from Natural Tunnel:

Robert Chapman reported Joshua Grasty had been hired as Chief Ranger at Natural Tunnel. He explained that summer preparations were underway and that two colleges had brought alternative spring break groups to the park to help with projects. Cabins were under construction and some were under roof.


Report from NTSP Education Specialist:

Megan Krager reported that the two alternative spring break groups who had been at the park had accomplished quite a bit around the park. She added that the split rail fence at the Blockhouse was one of their projects and it was complete and ready for the Muster.


Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail Interpretive Center:

Bob reported that he had heard from Thompson and Litton that week and that they had been given the go ahead to complete the design work.


President’s Report:

Joan thanked all members who had participated and helped with programs and projects throughout the past year. She was excited about the programs that have been able to continue as well as all the new programs that had been developed. Joan went on to express gratitude to many members individually. She also thanked Robert Chapman for allowing the Association to partner with Natural Tunnel State Park.

Joan announced that she and Megan would be meeting with staff at UVA at Wise about having interns who could assist with researching the deeds of the property along Kane Gap.


2016 Volunteer Schedule:

Dale Taylor announced that he had the volunteer schedule which included the Blockhouse and Carter Cabin.


Frontier Muster and Trade Faire:

Joan reported that the Frontier Muster and Trade Faire was just around the corner and there was a need for volunteers from the DBWTA. Demonstrations and workshops were looking good, but help was still needed. Auction items were still needed as well and Joan explained that those donations were greatly appreciated.


America’s Frontier History Expedition:

The Boone Society coordinated this expedition which was to include 9 reenactors and horses who would be making stops along the Wilderness Road beginning on May 9. The group would be camping at the Blockhouse on the 10th and 11th and would be open to the public on those evenings.


Mountains of Music Homecoming:

The Blockhouse would be open from 1-5 on June 10, 11, 12, 16, 17, 18, and 19 for the MoM Homecoming.


Old Business:

There was no old business.


New Business:

Joan reported that Glenn Gannoway, editor of the Big Stone Gap Post, had become a new member and did plan to reenact with the Association. Glenn had recently written an article on the DBWTA which Joan had placed on the bulletin board so members could view at their leisure.


Bob McConnell expressed his belief that the Association needed to try to organize their own militia. He thought that Megan could be helpful in getting that set up. That being said he also explained that there would not have been a woman as a militia captain at that time and because of that there was some discussion about possibly having Corey take the necessary training so that he could head up the militia.



There were no announcements.



Bob McConnell moved to adjourn the meeting. Ron Short seconded the motion and it was approved unanimously.