Association Meeting Minutes – March 18, 2011


Friday, March 18, 2011

Cove Ridge Center

Present:  Mary Erwin, Margaret Crouch, Lisa McConnell, James Stallard, Craig Seaver, Joy Nihil, Sally Kelly, Joe Fuller, Benny Reed, Barbara Reed, Guests Mitzi and Joshua Wilson, Megan Krager, Dale Taylor, Erwin Forrest, John and Joy Mullen, Jean Brown,  Ashley Moreno, Wanda and Bob McConnell, Joan Short, Ron Short


Called to order 12 PM


Introduction of Guests:   Josh and his mother Mitzi Wilson   Presdient-elect Virginia SAR, new member Ashley Moreno, student in Wilderness Trail Institute.



M. John Mullen

S. Bob McConnell


Treasurer   year end summary that was presented to BOD in February.  Jan 1 through today  expenses 741. 67   Received  dues 1031 (625 actually received in 2010)  1960   all accounts as of today 144.28    interp  21044.62   Bill on hand for Muzzleloader ad, already approved



Annual Audit   Ron Short, Wanda McConnell   met with joe and records Feb 28.  Found no discrepancies   Written report will be added to minute book.


President’s annual report is contained in the minute book.


Election of officers and directors   No further

M Wanda

S joan

Accept by acclamation


Old Business

Board at last meeting agreed to revisit mission and strategize plan.  Want to hold a brain storming session of full Assoc.  will do at May meeting   Decide priorities for coming year

Couple of Comm reports


Just about twenty volunteers did about ___ hours   2683 visitors during 2010.  1087 entertained by the Park staff   Total is _____  (get copy from Jean)

Jean will be scheduling volunteers.  List is being passed around the room

Siege is in planning   May 28-29.  Will include an auction of 18th century items.  Please donate items for the auction.

Membership  Joan   had very good attendance at first trail talk.  Have received two new members.  Looking to form a militia.   Tickets for the raffle of the Doug Hall will be drawn at the Siege after auction.  See Joan for tickets   have sold 146  Thanks to all in the Assoc who have helped with Wilderness Trail Institute – Dr Fleenor, Bob McConnell, etc

Craig/Megan   park    Spring break group from Black Hills SD   They were able to get started on blacksmith shop and retrieve all from Williams cabin.  Weather caused university kids to not be able to get much done

Megan  thanks for those who volunteered to provide lunch for the kids..  Joan and Ron thanked too for providing entertainment when weather called for a plan B

Bob   pre-publication copy Blockhouse on the Holston.  Has been sent for review to William Anderson.. Will be published by LULU publish-on-demand by the Assoc.   Includes articles on related individuals done by Wes Chavis, or intern a few years ago, article by Sally Kelly on Fort Blackmore.  Probably sell for 19.95.   Can publish as many or as few as like.  At called Board meeting after this Assoc meeting, will determine how many to print and approve the sell-for price.   Sending around a list for members of the Assoc to sign for how many would like to purchase.  Should have books by Siege. Will deliver to those who order today at May meeting.


Josh’s project as program

Summarized NSCAR goal.   Birth to 21   meetings for all ages   Membership open to anyone of lineal decent recognized patriots.  His experience in the organization.  Organizing member ofVirginia Frontier Soc Chapter  Plans for how he will raise funds for his project.   April 14-17 he will assume his duties at meeting at Mt Vernon.   Is taking orders for his tee shirts, will also happily accept donations from anyone who would rather not have a tee shirt.   His direct ancestor was the court clerk who signed the record book for John Anderson’s property. Will ask DBWTA BOD for permission sell tee shirts at Siege.

Chose his project to raise money for a S W Virginia project.  Usual projects at in Richmond or Northern Virginia