Association Meeting Minutes – Jan. 21, 2011

Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail Association

 January 21, 2011

Cove Ridge Center

Present:  Charles Fugate, Jim Addington, Wanda McConnell, Joy and John Mullen, Mary Erwin, Bob McConnell, Sally Kelly, Megan France, Dr Larry Fleenor, Benny and Barbara Reed, Joan Short, Dale Taylor, Pam Eddy, Lance Lewis, Craig Seaver, Charlie Allen, Doug McDonald (Powell Valley Bank), John Stafford,


The meeting was called to order at 12 PM by Vice President Joan Short.


She introduced visitors  Charles Fugate, of Rye Cove and Big Stone Gap, and Lance Lewis of Cumberland Gap National Historic Park, and Doug McDonald of Powell Valley Bank.

Secretary Sally Kelly asked if there were any additons or corrections to the minutes of the November Association meeting as posted on the web site.  Charlie Allen made a motion to accept the minutes as posted, it was seconded by Bob McConnell and approved.



Joan introduced Dr. Fleenor  who presented a program on the history, geography and economic importance of the Fincastle Turnpike    His talk featured information concerning the Turnpike’s connection to Claudius Crozet.   Crozet, an engineer, contributed to the effort to introduce canals into western Virginia.  Western Virginia asked for a good road in exchange for support of the canal system. Around the 1840s, Crozet began to see the importance of railroads, while Virginia’s governement was still supporting canals.  Crozet was responsible for the engineering marvel of the century – the railroad tunnel through the Blue Ridge at Rockfish Gap.  He was also the engineer for the railroad into and through Scott County.  Railroads were put on back burner by the Civil War, and not completed through western Virginia until the 1880s.  Crozet helped start VMI, and supported the South during the Civil War.


An annual treasurer’s summary report was presented in the absence of Treasurer Joe Fuller.   A complete report will be made to the Board of Directors at the February meeting.  The total amounts in all accounts is $32,915.44, less an outstanding check, #1281, dated 12/10/2010, for $24.12.


Committee Reports


Membership – Joan Short reported regarding Trail Talks.  These will be events on Saturdays, once a month, during our off season in order to keep the Blockhouse in front of the public.   The first Trail Talk was cancelled for snow, but Billy Heck’s “18th Century Weapons and Black Powder Safety” program is resceduled for next Saturday, January 29, 10-4 PM, including lunch.  Registrations are still being taken.  Billy has established black powder regulations and guidelines that are used in other Virginia state parks.  The cost for this event is $20.


Events – Bob McConnell reported that dates have been set for  Seige, Harvest Celebration, Christmastide, and Old Christmas:  Siege May 28, 29, 2011;    Harvest Celebration,  Oct 21-22, 2011;  Christmastide, Dec 10, 2011; and  Old Christmas  Jan 7, 2012.

An auction is being planned to take place during Siege to raise funds to be used to purchase items for the Blockhouse and for events.  Sally showed some 18th century reproduction items that she is donating.  The committee is also hoping to organize a militia.  This effort will be headed by Bob McConnell.


Nominating Committee:  Mary Erwin reported the slate of officers.  The committee, Mary, Jean Hood, and Lisa McConnell, recommends the following slate of officers and directors:

President – Joy Nihil, Vice President – Joan Short, Treasurer – Joe Fuller, Secretary – Sally Kelly, Historian – Dr. Larry Fleenor.  Board of Directors – Immediate past President Bob McConnell, Mary Erwin, Erwin Forrest, Lisa McConnell, John Mullen, Benny Reed, John Stafford, Dale Taylor, Harold Jerrell (If he agrees)  Further nominations will be entertained at the election at the March Association meeting.


New Business

Bob McConnell reported that before our next board meeting, an opportunity is coming to meet with newly elected  Congressman Griffith, who will be in the County to talk to us about history projects we are interested in.  Bob made a motion to purchase three Fleenor books from the Park to present to Griffith, and to Lt Gov Bill Bolling who will be visiting the Chamber of Commerce.  John Mullen seconded Bob’s motion and it was approved.


Joan pointed out a new poster dispalyed in the meeting room for the advertising of the raffle tickets for the print of Doug Hall’s oil painting . We have sold, so far, 104 tickets   She asked if anyone present does not have tickets to sell to get them from her at the end of the meeting.   Ron and Joan are going to an 18th century trade fair in Elizabethtown, Ky and will sell tickets there.  If you know of other events where it would be appropriate to sell, let them know    Those having tickets should change the date for the give away on their tickets from May 21 to May 28.


Megan reported concerning the Wilderness Trail Institute.  It will run  Feb. 8 – Apr. 28,  5:30-8 PM   for educators.  Registration is through MECC   Several speakers have been lined up.  This is the second year for the institute.  Visitors are welcome if interested in the particular presenter.  Pam Eddy is to do a presentation on women on the frontier.


Craig  Seaver reported that Virginia State Parks’ Volunteer Coordinator is marking the 75th Anniversary of the State Parks system.  All volunteers are receiving a  pin   Please wear yours to help with this celebration.  One big event commemorating the anniversary will be at Hungry Mother State Park in the Summer of 2011.


At 1 PM, Bob McConnell made a motion to adjourn, it was seconded by John Mullen and approved.