Association Meeting Minutes – July 15, 2011



July 15, 2011

Cove Ridge Center



Present:  Ron Short, Joan Short, Margaret Crouch, Ann Sturgill (visitor), Sally Kelly, Joe Fuller, Erwin Forrest, Jean Brown, Bill Cawood, Megan France, Taylor Thorpe, Craig Seaver, Mary Erwin, Jim Addington, John and Joy Mullen, Joe Brown, John Stafford,


Vice President Joan Short, acting in the absence of President Joy Nihil, called the meeting to order at.12:08

Joan introduced visitors, Ann Sturgill and Bill Cawood.

Ron Short made motion to accept the minutes of the May Association meeting as posted on the web site.  The motion was seconded and approved.

Treasurer Joe Fuller presented a summary report. The total all accounts and cash is $31,803.72.  A detailed report will be given at the August BOD meeting.

Joan Short presented a summary of actions from the June 17, 2011 Board of Directors meeting: Web site needs were discussed, and a blacksmith shop progress report presented.  Charlie Allen reported regarding the Natural Bridge site in Lee County on our driving tour.  He asked for a committee to work toward getting improvements to that site and that was approved by the Board.  The BOD discussed the original blockhouse site and the possibility of reprinting the DBWTA Driving Tour brochure.  Joan Short will work on gathering information regarding making improvements at the original site of the Anderson Blockhouse, and Sally Kelly will investigate the costs connected with reprinting the driving tour brochure. The furnishings committee reported their progress.


Wise County biology teacher and part-time Park interpreter Bill Cawood  presented a program about the physical environment of the Wilderness Trail  in 1775.  His presentation featured geographic features of the way west, including

unique features such as the basin at Middlesboro, created by a meteor.  Other physical features such as the existing forest, plant varieties that no longer exist, such as chestnut trees and acres of river cane, and a discussion of animal residents helped paint a picture that clarified the description “Wilderness.” The first settlers, primarily Scots-Irish and German, were very unfamiliar with such an environment in their own homeland.



Megan France reported that a Youth Conservation Corps group is visiting the Park.  They are working on the blacksmith shop

A Travel Through Time Workshop for Educators is  coming July 27-28.  Seventeen registered so far at $30 per participant.  Vice President Short praised Megan for her educational outreach programs and stated that her work has become a model for other Virginia State Parks.

An article by Stanford Dailey has been posted on the  State Parks’ E-letter about the  Travel Through Time Workshop.



Jean Brown reported that we’ve had 400-plus visitors for May and June.  Every volunteer opening through October is scheduled.


Joan Short reported that the Committee met July 7.  The Siege date for 2012 will be on Memorial Day again, May 26-27.  Billy Heck has committed to participate, and Gary Carroll and the Finchums.   That Committee will now to be chaired by Ron and Joan Short and Megan France.  Its emphasis will be on involving as many Association members as possible.  Harvest Celebration 2011 will be 10-5 on October 22.  The Committee is working on a Winter event.

Old Business

Joe Fuller presented a report from Bob McConnell concerning sales of our book, Blockhouse on the Holston.  Of the original 125 ordered from the publisher, only 50 remain unsold.  Bob intends to seek distribution sites.  The detailed report is in the minute book.

Sally Kelly reported that she will be seeking costs information regarding reprinting and distributing our driving tour brochure.  She will report to the BOD.

Gary Carroll, present owner of the Doug Hall print, is preparing it for exhibition, on a rotating basis, at NTSP, WRSP, SS.

New Business

Joan presented statistics for our web site that were encouraging.  The book sale is now featured on the home page.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:15 on a motion by Mary Erwin seconded by Ron Short.

Respectfully submitted,

Sally Kelly