Association Meeting Minutes – July 16, 2010

Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail Association

Draft of Association Meeting Minutes

July 16, 2010 Cove Ridge Center

Present:  Benny Reed, Barbara Reed, Joe Fuller, Joy Nihil, Margaret Crouch, Jean Brown, Megan France, Erwin Forrest, Joan Short, Wanda McConnell, Charlie Allen,  Dale Taylor, , Lisa McConnell, Bob McConnell, Wanda McConnell, Joe Brown, Bill Smith, John Mullen, Joy Mullen, Craig Seaver

Meeting called to order at 12:10 p.m. by President Nihil.

Introduction of visitors:  John Tustin,  Wilderness Road State Park; Chris Phillips,  Cumberland Gap National Historic Park; Madison Edwards

Park Report:  Craig Seaver reported that the opening date for the cabins has been moved to October and expressed appreciation to the Scott Co. Master Gardeners who are working on the landscaping around the cabins. He also reported that visitors to the park are up 20% from last year.

Approve May Minutes:  President Nihil asked for additions or corrections to the minutes of the May Association meeting.  Motion to approve minutes as posted on the website.  Motion carried.

President’s Report: President Nihil reported on the Board Meeting on June 18, 2010.

The Board recommended raising the basic dues for membership to $25 (up from $10), adding a Student Membership level at $10, and taking away the $30 level. Wanda McConnell made a motion to approve the dues increase; Benny Reed offered a second. There was no discussion. Motion carried.

President Nihil asked Joan Short, chair of the Membership Committee, to report on the Membership Committee meeting held on Wednesday, July 14. Short reported that the members of the committee are Jean Hood, Erwin Forrest, Bob McConnell, and Megan France. The committee is focusing on two objectives: 1) a membership brochure with a mail-in membership form attached and, 2) a series of monthly evening meetings for new and potential members who cannot attend meetings during the day. The evening meetings would feature guest speakers and center on topics of interest about frontier history along the Wilderness Trail.

President Nihil asked for members who are interested in serving as a host for the Interpretive Center to please contact Jean Brown, who is coordinating the volunteers for the Blockhouse and the Interpretive Center.

New Historic Panels: Bob McConnell, chair of the Infrastructure Committee, reported on the Board’s discussion of possible placement for three new historical panels. After offering an overview of the placement of the four current panels and the possibility of obtaining funding for more panels, Mr. McConnell moved that the DBWTA seek grant funding from the Tobacco Commission for three more panels to be placed at three historically appropriate locations. Charlie Allen seconded.  The motion carried.

Bill Smith suggested that the Association pursue the possibility of Dominion Foundation grants of $5,000 to establish historic panels in Wise Co.

Scenic Byways: After explaining the current situation pertaining to scenic byways, Bob McConnell made the following motion: 1) that the byway from Jonesville to Cumberland Gap follow the original Trail; 2) that Moccasin Gap be designated as the beginning point for the Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail; and 3) that the scenic byway from Bristol to Moccasin Gap follow Rt. 58 to connect with the Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail. Bill Smith seconded. The motion carried.

Program: Bob McConnell presented an excellent program entitled Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail Association: The First Fifteen Years which provided a detailed overview of the accomplishments of DBWTA since its inception fifteen years ago.

Megan France reported on the two-day Travel through Time teacher in-service workshop held on July 14 and 15. Eleven teachers attended both days and gave very favorable evaluations. Megan thanked all the staff and volunteers from Netherland Inn, Natural Tunnel, Wilderness Road, and Cumberland Gap who offered their time and cooperation to make the workshop a success.


Joan Short projected an image of the giclee print entitled Treetop Advantage which is being donated by artist Doug Hall for fundraising purposes for DBWTA. The print—matted, framed, and ready for display—should arrive sometime during the next two weeks.

Lisa McConnell and Charlie Allen reported on the upcoming 200th anniversary of the Methodist Campground. For more information, contact Charlie Allen. The Powell Valley News and the Big Stone Gap District of the United Methodist Church are also good sources of information.

Benny Reed moved the meeting be adjourned. Bob McConnell seconded. Meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Joan Boyd Short (for Sally Kelly, secretary)