Board Meeting Minutes – August 17, 2018

Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – Draft

August 17, 2018



A meeting of the Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail Association Board of Directors was held on August 17, 2018, 12 noon, at the Cove Ridge Center.  Present were Joan Short, Dale Taylor, Joe Fuller, Bob McConnell, John Mullen, Grace Bradshaw, Gretchen Cope, Robert Chapman, and Rachel Blevins.



Minutes:  Joe Fuller moved and Dale Taylor seconded that the minutes of the April 20, 2018 Board Meeting be accepted as written.  The motion was approved.

Treasurer’s Report:  Gretchen went through the Treasurer’s Report (attached) and noted that the $780 fraudulent charge would be reimbursed by the bank.  She also noted that a check for $789.73 would cover items purchased for the Interpretive Center.  John moved and Dale seconded that the Treasurer’s Report be approved as presented and the motion carried.

Park Report:  Rachel reported that summer programs were winding down and that the planning and implementation of fall programs was in the works.  She was pleased to relay that the park had received a grant for Youth and Outdoor programs.  Robert then revealed that the park was hiring a new ranger who would be going through training.  He also discussed his meetings with the Economic Development Authority and with other State Park officials who were working on nailing down specifics for the new Interpretive Center.  He said the opening is now scheduled to take place November 15, 2018, which will also be the date when the ownership of the Center is transferred to the Park.  A property transfer is in the works to include 153 acres adjacent to the Interpretive Center.  A property survey will take place in the near future.  The State Parks project fund has $400,000:  $200,000 to pay for sale machines, telephones, printers, slant walls for merchandise, and other such items, and $200,000 to pay a new ranger for the Interpretive Center.

Board members expressed concern that there would be no kitchen facilities.  Robert replied that any events that would take place there would be catered.  Also, they did not intend for the Interpretive Center to be a venue for birthday parties or wedding receptions.  They were open to hosting conferences there, but not social events for individuals.  Although they will sell some food and drink concessions, no food will be allowed in the exhibit area.

Robert Chapman said that the Park had received a $50,000 grant for marketing and tourism of the new Interpretive Center.

The Park intends to enter a float in Duffield Days over Labor Day weekend.  It will have a sign to advertise the new Interpretive Center.  He invited DBWTA members and friends to wear period dress and be part of the float.

The Papa Joe Smiddy Festival will be September 2nd.

DBWTA Interpretive Center Report:  Bob McConnell said that Color-Ad, Inc. will install the exhibits in September.  The final inspection of the exhibits by Design Minds will take place on September 11.  There will be a male and female adult mannequins in the exhibit.  They are museum quality full-form mannequins.  EDA agreed to pay for them ($8,000).  DBWTA will dress the mannequins to make sure all is period correct.  They have now assembled everything needed for the exhibits.

William Anderson has agreed to meet with Bob McConnell and contribute his collection of books to the Interpretive Center Library.

For the November 15th IC opening, invitations will be sent to the Boone’s Trace Regional Project, and to Jim Mallory of the Lewis and Clark Trust.  Joan discussed inviting the Warriors of AniKituhwa to be part of the opening event.  The possibility of doing a ribbon cutting event (soft opening) and then a public opening was also discussed.

President’s Report:  The Harvest Festival will be on the 27th of October.  The Events Committee needs to meet to discuss details of that event.  Michael Gilley wants a flax and spinning tent at Home Crafts Day (MECC) on the weekend of October 20-21.  Joan wondered if enough people could be rounded up to work both days at Home Crafts Day.  She indicated that more volunteers would be needed.   She emphasized the need to extend invitations to all our partner parks for the November opening of the IC.

Old Business:  Joe Fuller moved that the foundation reimburse DBWTA  $250 for the bag and powder horn he made for the IC camp scene exhibit.  The motion carried.

New Business:  Dale is making an effort to track volunteer hours better.  He hopes volunteers will respond when he sends out the forms for them to fill out.  The volunteer hours help the park.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:27 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Grace C. Bradshaw, Secretary