Association Meeting Minutes – Jan. 23, 2009

Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail Assoc

Meeting on January 23, 2009

Cove Ridge Center

Present: Margaret Crouch, Joy Nihil, Harold Jerrell, Marty McConnell, Arthur Cope, Sally Kelly, Bob McConnell, Craig Seaver, Lisa McConnell, Wanda McConnell, Jim Stallard, Wayne McConnell, Benny Bloomer, Lowell Lawson, Martin Hilton, Charlie Green, Mary Erwin, Kay Addington, Jim Addington, Michael Beard, John Mullen, David Light, Joe Conelly, David Oaks, Wesley Chavis, Megan Krager, Larry Fleenor, Jean Brown, Heather Edwards (BB&T Bank), Ron Short, Joan Short, Chris Edwards, Jim Kelly (Va St Parks), Joe Fuller

President McConnell called the meeting to order at 12:10. Secretary Sally Kelly asked for corrections or additions to the minutes of the November meeting. There were no changes. Wayne McConnell made a motion to accept the minutes as read, this was seconded by Wanda McConnell and approved.

Treasurer Joe Fuller presented the treasurer’s report and expenses for the period. There is an ending balance in checking of $3,283.14. Expenses were $452. The ending balance in the Blockhouse Interpretative Center account was $28,790.15. The detailed report is in the minute book. Bill Smith made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report, it was seconded by Jim Addington, and approved. Wanda McConnell moved that the expenses report be accepted, it was seconded by Harold Jerrell, and approved.

Wanda McConnell made a report on the work of the nominating committee. Those recommended for election at the March, 2009 meeting are: President – Bob McConnell, Vice President – Joy Nihil, Secretary – Wanda McConnell, Treasurer – Joe Fuller, and Historian – Dr. Larry Fleenor. Those nominated for DBWTA Board of Directors are: Harold Jerrell, Jim Addington, Charles Allen, Chad Bogart, Ted Como, Joseph R Brown, Lisa McConnell, Mary Erwin, Benny Reed, and John Stafford. Directors Emeritus are Hal Spoden and Keith Wilson.

President McConnell made reports for the Committee Chairs. Events – Christmastide at the Blockhouse was successful. The Committee met on 22 and began planning for Siege 2009. A workshop is expected for Saturday, April 4 about how to reenact Indian roles, and frontiersmen roles. Mark and Sherry Finchum have volunteered their services for this.

Interpretative Center – Exhibits Reception was on Dec 20. It was well attended and well received by the public. It is closed for the season. Kudos to Wanda and Wesley for all their hard work. Jean Brown reported visitors this year of 3,849, donations of $259.49, and 493 volunteer hours provided. Wanda passed out a list that provides for folks to volunteer their time at the Blockhouse and the Blockhouse Interpretative Center for May – October, 2009.

Marketing – Geocaching is on hold.

Finance – Balance of ARC grant has been received. No pending grants at this time. Kudos to Margaret.

Blockhouse Furnishings – No new additions.

Old Business

Blockhouse Book – Final edits are completed. Should be ready for proofreading in a couple of weeks. Probably will go to LULU for printing.

NC Trail Extension – A meeting is scheduled for Feb 11 in North Wildesboro, NC. That group intends to make their trail historically accurate and correct.

DBWT IC at Duffield – Architectural and Engineering work is complete. Construction should begin in 2009. $250K in seed money for exhibits received and $100K on hand for operations. An application has been made for Recreational funds in the amount of $250 for the access road.

New Business

An Amendment to the Virginia Code that would provide for non-profits to have money making enterprises at state parks is in the works. Bob is asking folks to support this.

Bob asked for a resolution for a certificate of recognition for Dr Barry Vann at University of the Cumberlands to help him with creation there of a MA program that focuses on Appalachian cultural heritage.

That motion was made by John Stafford, seconded by Bill Smith, and approved.

Craig Seaver reported that the cabin project in the park is underway. There will be a meeting regarding the new campground on February 4. He expressed appreciation for a $1500 donation from the Over Mountain Men Chapter of the SAR for landscaping to be done at the Blockhouse, and lighting of the flag. There has been a 15% cut in the park’s budget in October. Effect on the new fiscal year is not yet known.

Bob presented a recognition certificate to former DBWTA President Harold Jerrell. One was also given to Arthur Cope, Park employee, for his work at the Blockhouse Interpretative Center, including case work, wiring, a reception desk, and landscaping done with enthusiasm.

Megan Krager presented a collage of “thank yous” from groups that have had field trips to the Blockhouse.

John Stafford presented Bob McConnell with some items that were found with the Franklin cabin was dismantled.

Joy Nihil asked for folks to sign up to help sell food at Siege; Sally Kelly offered to those who might wish to have it copies of the Official 2007 Virginia Birthday Commemoration Book; and Joe Fuller announced that dues are now being collected.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:40


Following a short break, there was a DBWTA future planning meeting. President McConnell passed out a sheet listing proposed projects from 1998. The intent of this meeting was to review those that have not yet been completed. We are now eligible to apply again for grants from the Tobacco Commission, ARC, and Transportation Enhancement. All these are matching grants, at the 20% level; and are reimbursement type grants. Today we will create a list of possible projects for 2009-2010, and perhaps beyond. An attempt will be made to “package” the items on the project list and seek grants, after prioritizing the list.

The discussion and listing of wishes resulted in the following suggestions. Also listed here are the chairmen of each category of projects. Chairs will report at the March meeting regarding costs and a ranked list of recommendations for the projects:

Infrastructure – Bob McConnell

Mark and stabilize the Wilderness Road through Kane Gap

Wayside in Scott County

Wayside in Lee County

Renovate the Blockhouse Monument

Blockhouse Site – Chris Edwards

Bake Oven

Reader rails along walkway to Blockhouse

Turf stone for pathway to the Blockhouse

Path lights

Privacy fence by bathrooms

Blacksmith shed

Erect a cabin

Corral, water trough for horses

Trail Development – David Oaks

Mart extension to Sycamore Shoals

Progressive Historic Sites Tour

NC trail extension

Cooperative program/project with WRSP

Music and Festivals – Ron Short

Music CD/Booklet combination to sell in Blockhouse Interp Cntr.

Social Events

Festival involving various sites, NTSP, WRSP, SS

Living history DVD including music

Period music programs

Education – Sally Kelly

Unit boxes for schools

Clothes closet for reenactors

History-telling coloring book

Interpretative Group/Speakers Bureau

Publish Blockhouse book

Media – Harold Jerrell and Bill Smith

Brochures in PDF format online

Blockhouse Brochure

Revise/reprint driving tour brochure

Siege information/registration posted online