Association Meeting Minutes – November 15, 2019

Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail Association

Meeting Minutes

November 15, 2019


The meeting of the Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail Association was held at the Cove Ridge Center on November 15, 2019 at 12 pm.  Members present: Jim Addington, Robert Chapman, Nancy Childers, Joe Fuller, Billy Heck, Sally Kelly, Eunice Laster, Mary Ruth Laster, Bob McConnell, John Mullen, Joy Mullen, Peggy Rauch, Randy Rauch, Joan Boyd Short, Ron Short, and Lindsey Strohofer.

Call to order and recognition of visitors: Joan Short, President

Approval of Minutes:

The minutes from the September meeting were distributed and read. Mary Ruth Laster moved to approve the minutes from the September meeting.  John Mullen seconded the motion.  It was approved unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report:

Joe Fuller delivered the Treasurer’s report for Gretchen Cope who was out.  A full copy of that report will be filed in the Secretary’s archive. Ron Short gave the motion to approve.  Joy Mullen seconded the motion.  It was approved unanimously.

President’s Report

There was continued discussion on Bio Solids issue.

Park Report:

Robert Chapman gave the Park Report.  The Christmas lightings of the Tunnel are to begin on November 29, beginning with the Give a Friend a lift night. The park is preparing for a busy Christmas season. Gretchen Cope and Rachel Blevins were nominated and awarded an award from the Virginia Association of Science Teachers. The park has held its first of two hunts.  The campground and cabins are continuously busy.

Wilderness Road State Park: Billy Heck spoke about the events happening at Wilderness Road.  Upcoming events include the Carlin Christmas festival and old time Christmas.  The fort is closed and historical programs have finished for the year.

DBWTIC:  Bob McConnell reported that the library committee is up and running. On their way to developing a plan for a class historical library.  They have visited LMU and public libraries to see how those are set up.  Making great progress.   The exhibits committee met and decided that there is a need to develop a master plan and on what new exhibits we want to add.  Both 3D and interactive exhibits.  A 3D Native American exhibits will be added.

Fall Harvest festival:   120 people signed in at the blockhouse.

Carter Cabin: Dale has sent out the schedule for the Carter Cabin and is looking for volunteers for the Night Lightings.

Old Business: None

New Business:  None

Announcements:  Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail Interpretive Center will begin its winter hours of Friday-Monday from 10 AM – 6 PM.

Bob McConnell made the motion to adjourn the meeting.   Ron Short seconded it.