Association Meeting Minutes – May 15, 2009

Friday, May 15, 2009

DBWTA Meeting

Cove Ridge Center


Present: Edgar Hood, Steven Starnes (City Of Kingsport, Maps), Joy Nihil, Margaret Crouch, Wanda McConnell, Bob McConnell, Sally Kelly, Joe Fuller, Benny Reed, Barbara Reed, Kay Addington, Harold Jerrell, Jim Addington, Craig Seaver, Dr Larry Fleenor, Grant Hardin, Chris Edwards, Lisa McConnell, Megan France, David Oaks, Norm Sobel, John Stafford, Joe Brown


The meeting was called to order by President McConnell at 12 noon.


Bob introduced visitor Steven Starnes, an employee of the City of Kingsport. He does mapping related to history

There were no Agenda additions


A motion was made to accept the Minutes of the March meeting by Lisa McConnell. It was seconded by Benny Reed and approved.

Treasurer Joe Fuller presented the treasurer’s report and expenditures for the period.

Wanda McConnell made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report, it was seconded by Harold Jerrell and approved. Benny Reed moved that the expenditures be approved as read, his motion was seconded by Lisa McConnell, and approved.


Old Business

Committee Reports


Events: Sally reported that plans are well underway for Siege at the Wilderness Road Blockhouse on May 30, 31. She thanked the Events Comm for all their hard work and read a list of all the tasks each committee member has carried out during the past months that lead to the annual Siege.


Volunteers: Jean needs only a few more folks to sign up. Wanda still needs several more for manning the Interpretive Center


Infrastructure Chris spoke with Randy Wolfe and son at WRSP They built forge, bellows there. He will do our bellows, perhaps in the Fall or Winter of 2010 Bellows will cost about $600. They would be willing to come down and help plan our forge. An anvil will cost about $500. The cost for building a shed for our forge should be about $2600. Park may be able to do this construction work. Dale Taylor can probably get us iron. Annual purchases needed of charcoal A motion is needed to contract with the Wolfes.

A motion to contract and pay $500 upfront for bellows was made by Norm Sobel, seconded by John Stafford, and approved. Bob has a vise to donate. Margaret reported that the bake oven is complete and it works Arthur is her hero She has some cured oak for the bake oven Don’t use it for other piddly fires Will put together a workshop to teach others how to use the bake oven


Trails Michael Beard was not present Steven Starnes working on helping to get accurate maps for the project of a trail route connecting to Sycamore Shoals. Earliest maps from around early 20th century David Oaks is impressed that work going on considerably more historically thorough than expected Steven able to offer maps of early SW VA to Association members who might like to have them.


Furnishings Barbara Reed reported that the DAR District 4 Regents Club, of which Barbara, Kathy, Peggy and Kay are members, is presenting $200 to DBWTA to purchase something. Barbara found four pewter plates and four pewter bowls. A churn was purchased with one of the $100. Four bowls were purchased with furnishings Committee money Four plates purchased with the other $100 from the Regents Club. Jean mentioned man at WR who is a furniture maker. Jean owns a rope bed. That man has made a replica. Will either donate or we may purchase for $450. Upstairs ready for furnishing. We need only build another cabinet up there into which to put items we store up there. This committee will make the decision about purchasing this item. Jean brought one of the posts for Association member to see Barbara is asking that chairs not be used. Bob suggests that they be put upstairs during Siege.


Education Sally reported that we now have a start on a clothes closet. Those items are stored in the upstairs of the Blockhouse in plastic bins. A notebook inside list the items and provides a way for check out and check in to be handles. A number of men’s shirts have been made. Joan Short worked with a Home Economics teacher in Wise County to get that done. Art teacher Mary Beth Culbertson at Twin Springs High School is working with several senior students there on a coloring book that tells the Blockhouse Story. We will be able to sell this item in our store and give it to visiting school groups.

Media Harold Jerrell reported that Michael Beard, Dale Carter, and he are looking at developing our newsprint driving tour brochure into a glossy, magazine-type design Could turn into a 40-50 page publication. Also looking at an 8 x 11 hard cover type edition of the one we have, with more correct information from Dake Carter’s research. It would include more maps, created through Carter’s work. He asked which of the two options does the Association favor. Funding could perhaps be found through a grant proposal. The route comes described by Carter’s work is one that dates some 10 – 20 years after the one blazed by Daniel Boone. Bob suggests this particular body of work might ought better be published separately from our Associations Driving Tour. The Daniel Boone route can be spoken of as a traditional hsistory. That’s the one we work with, that is what is represented in our Interpretive Center. If we can assist with publication of Dale’s work, it would be a wonderful addition to the written historical record. It is an incredible body of work A next best step might be to speak more with Dale to nail down how he wants it done and how we can be off help.

Our newsprint driving tour needs up-dating. Another possibility would be one book with both routes included


Music Ron Short absent. Joan reported that he is checking with others regarding a CD of music about the Wilderness Road. She brought Ron’s recent CD produced as a companion to a PBS Appalachia program as an example of what we might produce. The Association would publish, it, and it would belong to us, we would garner all the profits. The Appalachia CD is a “green” project. Ron is hopeful ours could be had for around $3 each, sold for $15 It would require some studio work, some already recorded work Mager Sound at Big Stone Gap could do the Ssudio time, for three hundred CDs at about $1600. Bob recommends that the Association give Rim up to $2500 to go ahead and do it. Margaret may be able to find a grant to pay for it too. Benny Reed so moved, David Oaks seconded the motion, and it was approved.


New Business


President McConnell reported regarding the Blockhouse Book A proposed cover was presented. The book is close to publication. All that is needed is being able to upload the file to the online publisher..


Jean reported that a handrail is needed for the blockhouse stairs. Park will take that under advisement

Park Manager Craig Seaver reported that he’s just doing whatever Megan tells him to do to get ready for the Seige. He expressed gratitude for all of Billy’s Heck’s help.

The Park cabins are going up. By next year we should have cabins.


Joan Short reported that Tom Dickinson in Wise used a storm fallen old oak tree to build beautiful dulcimer She has chances to sell for opportunity win the instrument. They are $2 each, or 3 or $5 This raffle benefits Gathering in the Gap


Progress was reported on Megan’s education project in conjunction WRSP, and CGNHP. Karen Seaver and Joan Short are also on that committee. It includes educ goals that help to meet state requirements. In March, the Association voted to provide funding. Stafford Custom Graphics is today making a donation toward that of $500. Thanks to John Stafford.


Grant Hardin shared recently learned facts regarding possible route from Sycamore Shoals to Ft Patrick Henry Markers placed early 29th century by DAR


Chris Edwards reported that the grave of Capt Hobbs, the militia man who killed the Indian Benge, has been located. It is in Hobbs Hollow, near the Powell River, in Dryden


bob McConnell reported a 9 AM, Friday, May 29 set up for Siege at the Blockhouse All are invited to come help!


The meeting was adjourned at 1:20